Proyecto Ter4rail: AVE Madrid–Barcelona, un caso de éxito – VIA LIBRE – Diciembre 2020

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One of the activities of TER4RAIL project consisted on the elaboration of the report entitled “European Rail success stories”, that includes ‘real world’ examples showing efficient and effective implementation of rail services in Europe, constituting a great demonstration of the disruptive potential rail can have in shaping the future of the transport system, be it public transport, mainline or freight.

Vía Libre Magazine has echoed this report, with a special feature on the high-speed case Madrid- Barcelona included in their monthly printed edition on December 2020. It includes a description on the evolution of railway transportation between Madrid and Barcelona along the time, describing an impressive improvement on transportation times and number of passengers using the service. The extract of the report can be consulted HERE.

Vía Libre Magazine is a specialized magazine dedicated to the world of railways, edited by the Spanish Railways Foundation. The first magazine was published in January 1964, reaching in September 2006 the number 500.

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