Advanced materials for the railway sector

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TER4RAIL project has joined forces with the Spanish Railways Technological Platform PTFE and the Spanish Advanced Materials and Nanomaterials Technological Platform MATERPLAT for the distribution of the catalogue “ADVANCED MATERIALS FOR THE RAILWAY SECTOR”.

These two National Technology Platforms have collaborated to jointly deliver this compilation of innovations, gathered among the members of both platforms facilitating the transfer of research, knowledge and materials technology towards railways.

TER4RAIL project supports the dissemination of this document, available both in English and Spanish, to key actors of the European Research and Innovation sphere, with the aim of stimulating the transfer of knowledge within and outside the sector as part of the Rail Innovative Research Observatory.

Innovation in materials has been identified as one of the top areas impacting railways in the short and long term by a survey conducted by TER4RAIL and is also a topic area highlighted by ERRAC of having vital significance for the railways technical development. This document is also an example of collaboration between different sectors, in this case between technology platforms at national level.

The document, including a compilation of 52 innovative solutions, organised into four sections: coatings, structures, energy and manufacturing, is available here:


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