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In order to contribute to the delivery of a comprehensive map of rail research and innovation, TER4RAIL project is undertaking a revision of R&I railway projects, aiming at stimulating the transfer of knowledge and networking for a more successful rail research and innovation.

An analysis of RAIL projects financed under H2020 has been undertaken, identifying so far a total of 224 RAIL RELATED PROJECTS, distributed among different parts of H2020 as follows:

  • Shift2Rail JU:                                                       63 projects
  • Horizon2020 – Societal Challenges
    • Smart, green and integrated transport: 35 projects
    • Secure societies – protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens:                                                        4 projects
    • Secure, clean and efficient energy:          1 project
  • Horizon2020 – ICT: 2 projects
  • SME Instrument Phase I :                               53 projects
  • SME Instrument Phase II:                              19  projects
  • Excellent Science MSCA:                              13 projects
  • Industrial Leadership:                                      7 projects
  • Applications in Satellite navigation :             6 projects
  • Fast Track to Innovation :                               6 projects
  • 5G PPP :                                                            7 projects
  • ECSEL :                                                              4 projects
  • Factories of the future :                                  3 projects
  • COSME :                                                            1 project

Download the EXCEL file below to consult all the details (last update 24/02/2020. Source of information: CORDIS; Shift2Rail Website):

H2020 – Rail Projects_web_vs20200224

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