TER4RAIL Webinar Delphi Study Round One

Published by Christine Hassoun on

TER4RAIL will determine and assess the existing roadmaps that drive the future of railways and compare them with the interpretations obtained from the observatory. This analysis will indicate the gaps that require to be covered and serve as the anchor for the prospective roadmaps, among others, the Shift2Rail Multi Annual Action Plan (MAAP).

“A Delphi Study will be conducted in 2–3 rounds over 18 months to utilise expert knowledge across the EU and beyond, to identify challenges and explore the rail and intermodal roadmaps, the assumptions underlying them, including the actions required to achieve them on time. This will be accomplished with online tools, and each stage will be reported at appropriate workshops in the project. The Delphi Study will form a written paper which will be submitted to a peer-reviewed academic article.”

This first webinar in October 2019 delivered the results of the first round of the Delphi Study, explicitly looking at the statements that were still controversial and where consensus was unstable.